The Future of Cranberries

Designed by Joe Lord, owner of Lord
Electric & Control, LLC in Warrens WI, Joe
Lord Systems remotely and wirelessly
control nearly any system. A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) – an industry
standard in automation – will start and
monitor irrigation pumps, track engine
vital stats and record temperature and
moisture readings. With wireless data
radios and sensing probes, each operation can have a portable, flexible monitoring system. The reliable and accurate system is both versatile and expandable. As your company evolves, your Joe Lord System grows with you!

Field data is sent wirelessly to a master
controller in your home, shop or vehicle
and your Joe Lord System continuously
communicates with the network of
devices, sending commands to turn on
engines and pumps when needed, based
on your configured schedules. Since no
two locations are alike, customization is
vital. Controls are programmed to the
needs of each customer regardless of the
number of sensors and probes.